Help Us Locate Our Veterans in Need

We find that our vets typically will not ask for help!

You can ANONYMOUSLY share their name / contact so we may reach out to them. Something as little as just listening to them, getting them out, transportation, housing, benefits, handicapping living space, new home, Vet to Vet sharing, Peer to Peer, lift chair, etc.

We cannot assist if we cannot locate them. Please help.

Veterans Services

We have heard too many times “I didn’t know where to go…” or “I didn’t know where to start looking or who to call…” MVAP was founded to address these issues. We will act as a centralized liaison and contact the correct veteran organizations or tap into our network of various sponsors, supporters and volunteers to find the solutions for the problem. If you are a veteran or know of one who is in need of help, contact us.

It is Our Mission

To provide charitable support services to veterans. We are committed to enabling our veterans to function in a safe, comfortable environment where they will not be hindered but instead, will be able to thrive and lead a full life.

Contact Us

Renee Farley
(518) 577-8863
Dave Wallingford
(518) 584-9137
Craig Warner
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Paul Mosseau
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